Comparison of Harmonic Compensation Based on Wound/Squirrel-Cage Rotor Type Induction Motors With Flywheel

플라이휠을 장착한 농형/권선형 전동기를 이용한 두 고조파 보상 시스템의 비교

  • Published : 2001.03.01


This paper describes two different systems which can compensate harmonic currents generated in the power system. As non-linear loads increase gradually in industry fields, harmonic current generated in the electric power network system also increases. Harmonic current makes a power network current distorted and generates heat, vibration, noise in the power machinery. Many approaches have been applied to compensate harmonic currents generated in the power network system. Among various approaches, in this paper, two kinds of approaches are compared and evaluated. They are flywheel compensator based on secondary excitation of wounded rotor induction motor(WRIM) and primary excitation of squirrel cage induction motor(SCIM). Both systems have a common structure. They use a flywheel as a energy storage device and use PWM inverters.