A Speaker Recognition Based on Strange Attractor with Vector Average

벡터 평균값을 갖는 스트레인지 어트랙터 기반 화자인식

  • 김태식 (계명대학교 공학부 컴퓨터공학)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


In the area of speech processing, raw signals used to be presented in 2D format and different kinds of algorithms use the format to solve their problems. However, such kinds of presentation methods have limitations to extract characteristics from the signal, even though the algorithms are quiet good. The basic reason is that not much information can be detected from the 2D signal. Strange attractor in the field of chaos theory provides the 3D presentation method. In the area of the recognition problem, signal construction method is very important because good features can be detected from a good shape of attractors. This paper discusses a new presentation method that can be used to construct strange attractor in a different way. Normal strange attractor uses time-delay idea while the new method uses time-delay and vector average. This method provides us good information to be applied to speaker recognition problem.