Miscibility and Properties of Ethyl-Branched Polyethylene/Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Blends( I )

에틸 가지화된 폴리에틸렌과 에틸렌-프로필렌 고무 블렌드의 혼화성와 물성( I )

  • Cho, Ur-Ryong (Department of Applied Chemical Eng., Korea Univ. of Technology and Education)
  • 조을룡 (한국기술교육대학교 응용화학공학과)
  • Published : 2001.09.30


Ethyl-branched polyethylene[PE(2)] containing 2mole% ethyl branch and three ethylene-propylene rubbers(EPR's) haying the same ethylene(E)-propylene(P) molar ratio(E/P=50/50) with different stereoregularity, that is, random EPR(r-EPR), alternating-EPR(alt-FPR) and isotactic-alternating-EPR(iso-alt-EPR) were mixed for the investigation of their properties depending on the stereoregurarity. The three blends were immiscible at room temperature, and showed the simple additivity effect in density behavior. The melting point depression with blend composition increased in order of PE(2)/r-EPR>PE(2)/alt-EPR>PE(2)/iso-alt-EPR. In the tensile test, this blend systems have the lowest value or the breaking strength at FE(2) fraction of 0.5. This phenomenon results from the greastest separated phase morphology at this blend composition.