An Analysis of Junior High School Students' Open Investigation into Electricity and Magnetism in Two Kinds of Tasks: Qualitative and Quantitative

전기와 자기에 대한 중학생들의 개방적 탐구에서 과제 유형에 따른 탐구 수행 분석

  • Published : 2001.06.30


The purpose of this study is to analyse the eighth grade students' performance of open investigations for two kinds of tasks: the qualitative one which involves the descriptive approach through observation, and the quantitative one which involves the quantitative data processing through control of variables. Researcher's observation, interview data as well as students' investigation reports, self-evaluations were analysed. The difficulties of qualitative open investigation lie in detecting and dealing with unexpected observations, of which the acceptance and interpretation were influenced by preconceptions. On the other hand, managing several variables, making reliable and valid measures, and quantitative data processing constituted main difficulties of quantitative open investigation. Some students could recognize the deficiencies of their methods and findings in qualitative one, but few in quantitative one. These results suggest the teaching point for each task of open investigations.


open investigation;qualitative task;quantitative task