The Effects of Discussion Learning Using 'Concept Cartoons' on Middle School Students' Learning Attitude and Achievement

개념 만화를 이용한 토의학습이 중학생들의 과학 학습 태도와 학업 성취도에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2001.06.30


In this modern society, the students should be able to recognize problems for themselves, and search the information which is valuable for them, and apply and utilize it. For these, we analyzed the effect of the discussion learning using the concept cartoons on the students' learning attitude and achievement. Even though there was no meaningful difference in the achievement between the experimental group and the control group, it was found that the discussion learning using the concept cartoons could be one of the ways that improve the students' problem solving ability. The fact that there was the significant affirmative effect on the students' positiveness when they were solving the problems was also found.


concept cartoon;learning attidude;achievement