An Appraisal of Drama 'KAIST' As an Informal Science Learning

비정규 과학학습으로 본 드라마 '카이스트' 평가

  • Published : 2001.06.30


KAIST' is the TV drama which has portrayed modem science & technology and the life of scientists & engineers for about one and half year. The purpose of this study is to appraise the drama 'KAIST' as an informal science learning. Using the interesting materials such as soccer robots, computer systems and satellites, the drama arouse students' interest and frequent watching. In general, the drama 'KAIST', as a source for informal science learning, played a positive role: it showed the image of scientists who have humane and sociable character being different from the students' image of real scientists, and changed positively the students' science-technology related attitudes, especially the attitudes towards scientists/engineers, science/technology, and the social nature of science/technology. Teachers commented that the drama 'KAIST' might arose students' interest in science, but the made-up contents and the genius-like characters could cause negative educational effects.


informal science learning;drama;image of science;image of scientist;science-technology related attitude