An Analysis of Science Achievement of The Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat(TIMSS-R)

제3차 수학.과학 성취도 국제 비교 반복연구(TIMSS-R) 과학 성취도 분석

  • 홍미영 (한국교육과정평가원) ;
  • 박정 (한국교육과정평가원) ;
  • 김성숙 (한국교육과정평가원)
  • Published : 2001.06.30


The purpose of this study was to analyze the achievements in science results of the TIMSS-R test, which was performed in 1999 with 38 nations participating. In this study, general trends in international science achievement considering the differences beween nation, content areas, and gender were analyzed through descriptive statics. The average scale score of Korean 8th grades students was 549, which was significantly higher than international average of 488. However it showed a relative decline from 4th grade in TIMSS to 8th grade in TIMSS-R. Chinese Taipei and Singapore students had the highest average performance, followed by Hungary, Japan, and Korea. The average gender differences of Korean students showed a decrease from TIMSS in 1995 to TlMSS-R in 1999, but it was still significantly higher than the international average. The average differences of overall science and each content area were not statistically significant both internationally and domestically.


TlMSS;TlMSS-R;achievement in science;international comparison;middle school students