Numerical Analysis of Stress Regimes in and around Inactive and Active Fault Zones

비활성 그리고 활성 단층지역 내부와 주변에서의 응력장에 대한 수치적 분석

  • Jeong, Woo-Chang (Center of Disaster Prevention and Safety Management, Hong-Ik University) ;
  • Song, Jai-Woo (Department of Civil Engineering, Hong-Ik University)
  • Published : 2001.06.01


This paper presented the analysis of stress regimes in and around inactive and active fault zones. The stress regime in the vicinity of an existing inactive fault zone is dependent on the orientation of the fault with respect to the current stress field and the contrast between the elastic properties of the faulted rock and those of the surrounding rock. In the analysis of stress regimes around an active fault zone, if the yielding stress is exceeded during loading, the localized shearing in a fault zone will result in weakness with mean stresses in the fault becoming lower than those in the surrounding rock. It can be expected that such stress gradients will induce fluid flow towards the faults zone.