Analysis and Quantitative Distribution of Glycosided Flavonoids in Citruses and Korean Chung-pi

감귤류와 한국산 청피에 함유된 Glycosided Flavonoids의 분석과 정량적 분포

  • Received : 2001.06.26
  • Published : 2001.08.25


Glycosided flabonoids (naringenin, naringin, narirutin, hesperidin, and hesperetin) in Citrus and Korea Chung-pi were isolated and analyzed with HPLC, GC-mass, UV and high resolution NMR. Contents of glycosided flavonoids were compared according to kinds of Citrus and fruit ripening periods. Major compound of Korean Chung-pi was hesperidin and minors were narirutin and hesperetin. Major compounds of Gisil were naringin, narirutin, naringenin and were narirutin, hesperidin in Gigak. Major compounds of milgam and orange were narirutin, hesperidin, and the contents of glycoside flavonoids decreased according to the age of maturity.


glycosided flavonoids;Citruses;Chung-pi;analysis