A Study on the Scanning Electron Microscopy of the Buffalo Mammary Gland

  • Dang, A.K. (Dairy Cattle Physiology Division, National Dairy Research Institute) ;
  • Ludri, R.S. (Dairy Cattle Physiology Division, National Dairy Research Institute)
  • Received : 2000.07.08
  • Accepted : 2000.10.23
  • Published : 2001.01.01


Scanning Electron Microscopy of twelve lactating buffalo mammary gland was done. The lactating mammary gland showed alveolus, arrangement of blood vessels and myoepithelial cells on the alveolus, the formation of lobules and interlobular connective tissue. From the exposed alveolar lumen fat globule formation can be seen which is still attached to the alveolar surface by microvilli. This technique should further be extended to study the alveolar structure in detail during different stages of mammary gland development in buffaloes.


Buffalo;Scanning Electron Microscopy;Mammary Gland;Lactation

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