An Analysis in Optimum Coupling Method of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Filter Designed by Non-decaying Mode Analysis

Non-decaying 모드 해석을 이용해서 설계한 원통형 유전체 공진기 여파기의 최적 결합 방법에 대한 분석

  • Lee, Won-Hui (Dept. of Electronics, Information & Communication Eng., Konkuk University) ;
  • Park, Chang-Won ;
  • Kim, Tai-Shin (Dept. of Electronics, Information & Communication Eng., Konkuk University) ;
  • Hur, Jung (Dept. of Electronics, Information & Communication Eng., Konkuk University) ;
  • Lee, Sang-Young (Dept. of Physics, Konkuk University)
  • 이원희 (건국대학교 전자.정보통신공학과) ;
  • 박장원 (해리컴(주)) ;
  • 김태신 (건국대학교 전자.정보통신공학과) ;
  • 허정 (건국대학교 전자.정보통신공학과) ;
  • 이상영 (건국대학교 물리학과)
  • Published : 2001.07.25


In this paper, we designed and fabricated C-band bandpass filter using dielectric resonators. From waveguide cutoff frequency which applied the region between adjacent dielectric resonators, the height of cavity is determined. The cavity's diameter is determined to the twice of dielectric resonator? diameter considering the conductor loss. The resonant frequency of the DR cavity is calculated with non decaying mode analysis. Conventionally, cylindrical dielectric resonator is analysed by Cohn's model which use the decaying mode in the region between dielectric resonator wall and circular cavity wall, which is an approximated method. The external quality factor, $Q_{ex}$ has found with simulation result using Ansoft's Maxwell simulation tool. The designed filter using dielectric resonators with dielectric constant of 45 has the passband center at 5.065GHz. The bandpass filter using dielectric resonators has about 1dB insertion loss, 20MHz bandwidth and more than 30dB attenuation at $f_0+15MHz$.



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