A Study on Stressors and their Impacts on CRM Skills;An Application for Airline Pilots in Korea

스트레스가 CRM Skills 발휘에 미치는 영향;국내 민항공 조종사를 중심으로

  • Published : 2001.12.15


The objective of this study focuses on impacts of stress affecting CRM skills. According to KMOCT Report(1990-1999), aviation accident results in Korea imply that the crew is the primary cause in over 72.7% of accidents. So, CRM continues to receive increasing attention throughout the aviation community to prevent and decrease accidents caused by human factors. In addtion, developing and implementing CRM skills has been a formal part of aviation training. Stress may have a critical impact on the way a pilot assesses decision information, the way they make a decision, and the way they carry that decision through to completion.