A Study on the Model of the Pilot Aptitude through the Simulated Flight using the Pilot Aptitude Research Equipment

모의비행 훈련을 통한 비행적성 판단모형 연구

  • Published : 2001.12.15


The Pilot Aptitude Research Equipment (PARE) at the Republic of Korea Air Force Academy had been installed to study the pilot aptitude of the cadets and the student pilots(Navy officers and Air Force officers from the pilot scholarship programs and the ROTC). The T-37 simulated flight program and procedure, and the automatic evaluated program for simulated flight have been orderly developed to use the PARE effectively. The cadets who entered started to get simulated flight training by using those developed programs. Their flight situation has been recorded by the automatic evaluated program whenever they got the training. And then the cadets who took part in the simulated flight started the elementary combat flight training in 1,999 after getting appointed to an office and finished the advanced combat flight training in 2,001. The study of the relationship between the simulated flight and the combat flight training has begun after finding their combat flight training results. The Logistic Discriminal Analysis, technique of the SAS statistical analysis package was used to study the pilot aptitude model through the simulated flight training. This study showed that it is possible to pre-estimate the result of the combat flight training using the PARE machine.