A comparative study on the regulations of civil aviation security related between South Korea and U.S.A.

${\cdot}$ 미 항공보안관련 법규의 비교 연구;국내항공법과 미연방항공법의 비교

  • 한경근 (한서대학교 항공운항학과) ;
  • 이강석 (한서대학교 항공교통관리학과)
  • Published : 2001.12.15


A safe and secure civil aviation system is a critical component of the nation's overall security, physical infrastructure, and economic foundation. Although it is not fully known at this time what actually occurred or which of the weaknesses in the nation's aviation security apparatus contributed to the terrible events of 11 September in the U.S.A., it is clear that serious weaknesses exist in our aviation security system including regulation system. Actually, defectiveness of regulations structure and contents concerned in aviation security were discussed in various studies. On this study, we have identified defectiveness in aviation security regulation system by the comparative study between 14 CFR and Korean regulations. Finally, we are to provide some suggestions and alternatives to improve aviation security regulation system in this country.