The Countermeasure for improvement of Construction Safety Management

건설 안전관리의 현황과 발전방향 - 건설공사 관리의 개선방안

  • 박무일 (건설안전기술사, 한국건설안전기술협회)
  • Published : 2001.06.01


Predict-Plan-Do is the main point to settle Safety management well, but we have neither Predict nor Plan. So just like the system of English CDM is necessary to be adapted in construction work which makes them work in full responsibility by clarifying the responsibility located step by step from planning to designing & constructing-To adapt this system needs more money for Safety than now, but this system makes companies earn maximum confidence & profit by accident prevention. Furthermore leads the nation and the society to earn large profit, then open the road to Welfare State. If you sees only the things such as money, profit, etc before your eyes, no more safety remains. That means no more respect of persons and no more welfare state.