Completing the Seohae Grand Bridge Construction Supervision

서해대교 감리를 마치며

  • 전준수 (토질 및 기초기술사, (주)대우엔지니어링 부사장)
  • Published : 2001.02.01


Seohae Grand Bridge is a part of the new West Coast Highway(353km) under construction, which connects Inchon and Mokpo. It is the longest bridge in Korea (7.31 km), and has 97 spans of 60m each precast segmental approach bridges, 2 main spans of 165m each free cantilever segmental bridge(500m), and 1 stay cable bridge of 990m In total length. During the seven year long construction period, many new construction technologies and methods were utilized for the first time in Korea, and gave invaluable opportunities to experience and master these in completing the project on time with safety and precision. I am proud of being a member of this project, and wish to express deep appreciations to those who participated in the project.