Developing Prospectives for Korean Railroad System in the 21st Century

21세기 한국철도의 발전전망

  • 신종서 (철도기술사, 토목시공기술사, (재)한국철도기술공사 이사장)
  • Published : 2001.02.01


On 16Dec. 1999, It was 100 years since the opening the first railroad section of 33.2km on Sep. 1899, Korea High Speed Railroad had a successful trial run of 200km/h on test track section. And the test speed 300km/h was achieved an 28 June 2000 during continuous commissioning. In the 21st century, the High Speed Railroad will be opened commercially in Korea and will contribute to technical development. Now, it is necessary to re-evaluate the role of railroad in modern society and to activate the railroad system. Ultimately, the competitive power of nation will be strengthened with energy saving, reduction of pollution and transportation cost. It conclusion the railroad system have to be expaned about 50% of total transportation to make preparations for reopening of Eurasia silk route through KyungEu railroad connection.