Understanding of Nondestructive Testing Technique

건설공사의 Value Engineering Study

  • 최춘배 (건설기계·기계제작기술사, 지도사, 현대건설(주), 인재교육센터 직무교육팀)
  • Published : 2001.02.01


Value Engineering (VE) is an organized process with an impressive history of improving value and quality. VE can be applied to the construction projects with having good study results. The VE study in construction projects gives identification of opportunities to remove unnecessary costs while assuring quality, performance, reliability, and other factors will meet or exceed the clients needs. VE techniques can save money, reduce time, and improve quality, reliability, maintainability, and performance. VE can also make improving of human factors (altitudes, creativity), and team work. According to the results of VE study in recent USA, 5∼35% reduction in initial costs have been made for the construction projects (ROI ranges : 100∼1000). To have successful work results, if possible, VE study shall be considered at project planning stage or basic design stage later than field work stage with application of VE JOB PLAN, multi-disciplinary approach, and proper techniques in respective study phases (pre-workshop / information gathering / function analysis / creativity / judgement and evaluation / development / presentation and implementation) among the detail techniques in many.