A Comment on Specialization of Transportation Administration and Desirable Attitude of Transportation Experts for the 21st Century of Information Society

21세기 정보화시대에 대비한 교통행정의 전문화와 기술자의 자세

  • 김대호 (교통기술사, 공학박사, 서울특별시청 교통운영개선기획단장)
  • Published : 2001.02.01


It is expected that transportation sector will develope to a systematic and multi-disciplinary way in which transportation, information and electronic technologies are harmonized. This will be the way that the 21st century demand. To be prepared for such development, sharing of information from different sources through a integrated approach is essential. Also an active role of specialized staff are required to achieve a integrated control and management. The specialized staff should do his best for his task with appropriate specialty, a sense of responsibility, a progressive mind and a vision. He also make much effort to enhance and keep up-to-date his specialty. Then we can modestly look forward to a specialized Information society in the 21s1 century.