Troubles for Imported China Jade

중국산 수입 옥의 문제점

  • 진수웅 (지하자원개발기술사, (주)한자엔지니어링 기술사사무소 대표이사, 한국기술사회 홍보위원)
  • Published : 2001.02.01


Imported China Jades are mostly talc and serpentine groups, and that's occured troubles for our health and life of living organism. Serpentine is a group of common rock-forming minerals having the formula : (Mg$.$Fe)$_3$Si$_2$O$\_$5/(OH)$_4$. Sometime, simulated by nephrite or jade and translucent varieties are used for ornamental and decorative purposes. But it's forbid by beating materials for sauna and heating mats etc. that reason are it's occured asbestos dusts (chrysotile dusts) easily by the heating operations.