Surveying & Geo-Spatial Information Industries & 2nd National Geo-Information System(NGIS) Master Plan

측량 및 지형공간정보산업과 제2차 국가지리정보체계 구축 사업계획

  • 조영원 (측량 및 지형공간정보기술사, (주)일도엔지니어링 대표이사)
  • Published : 2001.02.01


I would like to describe the contents of National Geographic Information System(NGIS), which is under constructing by stages fer improving the welfare of the people and the competitiveness of the country through the construction of spatial infra and the information-oriented land. The construction of NGIS Is a main enterprise of the 21 century Information-oriented land, also might influence on the real life of the people. Therefore, all the people in the related area such as Land surveying and the industry of Geographic Information System(GIS) should try to make the cinergy-effect and the information-oriented land by endless developing technology and improving the related systems.