Case Study of SNMP for Controlling CCTV in Intelligent Transportation Systems

지능형교통시스템(ITS)의 CCTV 제어용 SNMP 적용 사례 연구

  • Published : 2002.12.01


There are many problems of interoperability between ITS system equipments since the protocol standard for a network center and a node has not defined. In this paper, we consider the use of the SNMP to solve the interoperability problem, and apply the SNMP in the case of a CCTV as an example. Also, we defined its corresponding MIBs and accomplished the interoperability test, where the method of controlling the CCTV is explained and the data transmitted on the network are shown in a hexadecimal format. Our results are expected to be helpful for a guideline or feasibility test as nationwide data to support the interoperability of ITS systems between a network center and nodes.