Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies to a Generic Hapten for-Class-Specific Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides


Monoclonal antibodies have been generated against a generic hapten, ο,ο-diethyl ο-(5-carboxy-2-fluorophenyl) phosphorothioate, for the determination of organophosphorus (OP) pesticides in a class-specific manner. In an indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) format, employing a heterologous coating antigen, these monoclonal antibodies showed desirable properties for use in the class-specific determination, i.e., broad specificity and high sensitivity. The IC50 values of four commonly used ο,ο-diethyl OP pesticides were fairly uniform ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 ㎛/mL. The IC50 values of three ο,ο-dimethyl derivatives were between 0.3 and 1.4 ㎛/mL. These values, together with the limits of detection (LOD), were better, in terms of the specificity and sensitivity, compared with the values obtained previously with polyclonal antibodies.



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