Mixed Micellar Properties of Sodium n-Octanoate(SOC) with n-Octylammonium Chloride(OAC) in Aqueous Solution

Sodium n-Octanoate(SOC)와 n-Octylammonium Chloride(OAC)의 혼합마이셀화에 관한 연구

  • Lee, Byeong Hwan (Department of Applied Chemical Engineering, Korea University of Technology)
  • 이병환 (한국기술교육대학교 응용화학공학과)
  • Published : 2002.12.20


The critical micelle concentration(CMC) and the counterion binding constant(B) for the mixed micel-lization of sodium n-octanoate(SOC) with n-octylammonium chloride(OAC) were determined as a function of the overall mole fraction of $SOC({\alpha}_1).$ Various thermodynamic parameters($x_i$, $Y_i$, $C_i$, $${\alpha}_i^M$$, and $\Delta$$H_{mix}$) for the mixed micellization of the SOC/OAC systems have been calculated and analyzed by means of the equations derived from the nonideal mixed micellar model. The results show that there are great deviations from the ideal behavior for the mixed micellization of these systems. And other thermodynamic parameters(${\Delta}$$G^0_m$, ${\Delta}$$H^0_m$, and ${\Delta}$$S^0_m$) associated with the micellization of SOC,OAC, and their $mixture({\alpha}_1=0.5)$ have been also estimated from the temperature dependence of CMC and B values, and the significance of these parameters and their relation to the theory of the micelle formation have been considered and analyzed by comparing each other.


Mixed Surfactant System;Micellization;Critical Micelle Concentration;Counterion Binding Constant


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