Quality of Single-Harvested Red Peppers

일시 수확한 고추의 품질

  • 정구민 (국립안동대학교 생명자원과학부) ;
  • 권승규 (국립안동대학교 생명자원과학부) ;
  • 황재문 (국립안동대학교 생명자원과학부) ;
  • Published : 2002.02.01


'Manita', a red pepper cultivar being cultivated currently and 'HL', a cultivar bred for single-harvest by National Horticultural Research Institute were grown by direct sowing and raising seedling methods, respectively, and all the fruits on the tree were harvested once. Fruits were grouped into 6 grades by color and appearance and their chemical compositions were analyzed. Generally, 'HL' showed less redness and contained less amounts of capsaicin, organic acid, Vit. C, and sugar than 'Manita'. Regardless of cultivar and cultivation method, red-old fruits, ripened and partially dried on the plant, had more red color (21-30%) and more capsaicin (40.0-78.3 mg% vs. 33.2-52.7 mg%), but less sugar (12.70-16.69% vs. 14.46-17.43%) than red-fresh fruits. No difference was found between direct sowing and raising seedling.


single-harvest;red pepper;quality


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