Prevalence of Fumonisin Contamination in Corn and Corn-based Feeds in Taiwan

  • Cheng, Yeong-Hsiang (Department of Animal Science, National I-Lan Institute of Technology) ;
  • Wu, Jih-Fang (Department of Production Management, Pig Research Institute Taiwan) ;
  • Lee, Der-Nan (Department of Animal Science, National I-Lan Institute of Technology) ;
  • Yang, Che-Ming J. (Department of Animal Science, National I-Lan Institute of Technology)
  • Received : 2001.08.17
  • Accepted : 2001.10.18
  • Published : 2002.04.01


The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of fumonisin contamination in corn and corn-based feeds in Taiwan. A total of 233 samples was collected from 8 feed mill factories located in four different regions in Taiwan. The presence of fumonisin $B_1$ ($FB_1$) and $B_2$ ($FB_2$) was determined by thin layer chromatograph, while the total fumonisin content was determined using immuno-affinity column cleanup and fluorometer quantitation. Our results showed that 55 samples of swine feeds had the highest percentage of incidence of $FB_1$ and $FB_2$ (41.8% and 41.8%, respectively), followed by 66 samples of duck feeds (40.9% and 37.8%). However, the percentage of incidence of $FB_1$ and $FB_2$ was much lower in 43 samples of broiler feeds (23.2% and 13.9%) and 69 samples of corn (17.3% and 10.1%). Corn and duck feeds were found to have a significant higher level of means of total fumonisins ($5.4{\pm}1.5$ and $5.8{\pm}0.6$ ppm, respectively) than swine feeds ($2.9{\pm}0.4$ ppm) and broiler feeds ($3.0{\pm}0.5$ ppm). Comparing fumonisins distribution in different regions, the highest percentage of $FB_1$ incidence (39.2%) was found in the eastern region of Taiwan, and total fumonisins level ($4.5{\pm}0.7$ ppm) was significantly higher than other regions. However, the highest percentage of $FB_2$ incidence (32.0%) was found in the central region of Taiwan. Trimonthly analysis of data showed that both high percentage of $FB_1$ and $FB_2$ incidence (39.3% and 37.7%) and total concentration of fumonisin ($5.7{\pm}0.4$ ppm) were found in the period of Jan. to Mar., The incidence and concentration were significantly higher than other trimothly periods. These results indicate that fumonisin B mycotoxins are both widespread and persistent in feed-grade corn and corn-based feeds in Taiwan.


Fumonisins;Corn;Corn-Based Feeds;Taiwan


Supported by : Council of Agriculture


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