SI 사업 계약제도 개선연구

An Improvement of SI Contracting Laws and Regulations in Korea

  • 김현수 (국민대학교 비즈니스IT학부)
  • 발행 : 2002.11.30


Having Efficient Contracting Laws and Regulations is one of the critical success factors for SI (System Integration) industry growth. This paper explores problems in contracting systems for SI business. Two perspectives have been used in this analysis. One is on law itself perspective, the other is on industry growth perspective. A comprehensive survey on contracting practices has been done, and the structure of SI industry has been analysed. Also, characteristics of SI contracting processes have been analysed. A framework for efficient contracting laws and regulations for SI industry has been discussed based on the characteristics of SI business and SI industry. Future research will be needed to expand the current framework and to examine the effectiveness of the proposed framework.


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