Nitrate Removal Rate in Reed Wetland Cells of a Pond-Wetland Stream Water Treatment System

하천수정화 연못-습지 시스템의 갈대 습지셀 초기 질산성질소 제거

  • Published : 2002.12.31


Nitrate removal rate in three wetland cells was examined. The acreage of each cell was 150 $m^2$. They were a part of a stream water treatment demonstration system which was composed of two ponds and six wetland cells. Earth works far the pond-wetland system were finished from April 2000 to May 2000 and reeds were planted in the three cells in May 2001. Waters of Sinyang Stream flowing into Kohung Esturiane Lake located southern coastal area of Korean Peninsula were pumped into a primary pont Effluents from a secondary pond were funneled into the three cells. Volumes and water quality of inflow and outflow were analyzed from July 2001 through December 2001. Inflow and outflow averaged 20 $m^3/d$ and 19.3 $m^3/d$, respectively. Hydraulic retention time was 1.5 days. Average influent and effluent nitrate concentration was 2.30 mg/L, 1.75 mg/L, respectively. Nitrate removal rate in the three cells averaged 80.9 $mg/m^2/day$. Seasonal changes of nitrate retention rates were closely related to those of wetland temperatures. Full growth of reeds within a few years can develope litter-soil substrates beneficial to the denitrification of nitrate, which may lead to increases of the nitrate retention rates.


nitrate;wetland;water treatment system


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