Development of Design Techniques of Plastic Ankle Foot Orthosis for the Hemiplegics(I)

편마비 환자용 플라스틱 단하지보조기의 설계기술개발 (I) - 응력 해석을 통한 접근 -

  • Published : 2002.01.01


In this study, a stress analysis is made fur an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) in the view point of structural stability. The investigated AFO is a solid and standard type. To analyze the stress distribution on the neck of AFO, the maximum AFO angular translation data is obtained by gait analysis. The material test of polypropylene is made to obtain the mechanical properties of AFO. The maximum dorsiflexion appears at the midstance in the gait analysis. The experimental angular translation at the top of AFO is about 10.3$^{\circ}$ at mid stance. Three models of AFO with different width of neck are made and analyzed with ABAQUS 6.1. The stress levels and distributions of 3 different width(W$_1$, W$_2$=0.85W$_1$, W$_3$=0.60W$_1$) AFO are investigated. As a result, the standard type(W$_1$) appears to the maximum stresses at the medial edge of cutout area surrounding ankle joint. The maximum stresses of the narrower type(W$_2$) are occured on medial edge and center of ankle. The narrowest type(W$_3$) appears to the maximum stresses at center of ankle. The maximum stresses become smaller as ankle width of AFO is narrower.


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