Design of Robust Convolution Input Shaper for the Variation of Frequency and Damping Ratio

주파수와 감쇠비 변화에 강인한 Convolution 입력성형기 설계

  • Published : 2002.01.01


The flexibility of long reach manipulators presents a difficult control problem when accurate end-point position is required. Input shaping by convolving system commands with impulse sequences has been shown to be an effective method of reducing residual vibrations in flexible systems. However, existing shapers have been considered robustness fur only frequency uncertainty. However, this paper presents new multi-hump convolution(CV) input shaper that could accommodate with the simultaneous variation of natural frequency and damping ratio. Comparisons with previously proposed input shapers are presented to illustrate the qualities of the new input shaper. These new shapers will be shown to have better robustness fur the variation of frequency and damping ratio.


Multi-Hump Convolution Input Shaper;3D Sensitivity Curve;Residual Vibration;Zero-Vibration;Extra-Insensitive;ZV Input Shaper;El Input Shaper


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