A Comparative Study of the Design Software Systems from the View Point of Optimization

최적설계 관점에서의 설계 소프트웨어 성능 비교에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.01.01


Analysis technology is widely accepted and quite popular these days. Incorporation of the analysis result into design process is a key factor for the success of the analysis area. A few design software products have been commercialized. Generally, they are trying to make an interface between various design methods and analysis software. Optimization is a representative design method. The products are investigated and compared for the aspects of user convenience and algorithm performance. A few popular products are selected. Graphic user interface (GU) is compared for the function and efficiency. The performances of the optimization algorithms are tested by mathematical and engineering examples. The results are discussed.


Design Software;Design Environment;Optimization


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