Analysis of New Air Control System in Clean Stocker

Clean Stocker내 새로운 방식의 기류제어에 관한 해석

  • Published : 2002.01.01


Clean stockers are being used by semiconductor and TFT-LCD manufacturers to store and buffer work in process. Since an important function of a stocker is to keep the contained material clean. The only way to keep the stored product clean is to provide constant clean airflow the product and through stocker, The airflow across the product prevent contamination from settling on the product. Up to now, stocker typically have been configured to receive their laminar airflow from fan filter units that are located on the side of the stocker This type of stocker may have such problems as complexity of structure, increment of temperature, mechanical vibration, initial investment and running cost. In this study, In order to solve the above mentioned problems, new air control system in stocker is proposed, which is to control open ratios of exits that are located on the side of the stocker without fan filter units. Open ratios of exits need to be optimized for the same quantities of airflow in each exit. In this study, static pressure regain was used for the analysis of the open ratios of exits theoretically and Blue Ridge Numerics FEM software, CFDesign, was used fur simulating airflow in stocker. As a result, Open ratios of exits important to provide constant clean airflow can be obtained by the analysis of static pressure regain and was verified by simulation results. Therefore, new air control system in stocker can be used by the semiconductor and TFT-LCD manufacturers.


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