Fracture Behavior Estimation for Circumferential Surface Cracked Pipes (ll) - Finite Element Validation -

배관에 존재하는 원주방향 표면균열에 대한 파괴거동 해석 (ll) - 유한요소해석을 통한 검증 -

  • Published : 2002.01.01


This paper provides validations of the reference stress based J and $C^{*}$ estimations, proposed in Part I, for inner, circumferential surface cracked pipes under internal pressure and global bending against detailed 3-D elastic-plastic and elastic-creep FE results. For this purpose, actual tensile properties of two typical stainless steels (TP304 and TP316) are used for elastic-plastic FE analyses and two realistic creep laws are used for elastic-creep FE analyses. For a total of twenty cases considered in this paper, agreements between the proposed reference stress based J and $C^{*}$ estimations and the FE results are excellent. More important aspect of the proposed estimations is that they can be used to estimate J and $C^{*}$ not only at the deepest point of the surface crack but also at an arbitrary point along the crack front.front.


Circumferential Cracked Pipe;$C^*$ Estimation;Finite Element Analysis;GE/EPRl Approach;J Estimation;Reference Stress Approach;Surface Crack


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