Effect of Lip Shape on the Hole Flangeability of High Strength Steel Sheets

고강도 열연재의 홀 플랜징시 립 형상이 플랜정성에 미치는 효과

  • Published : 2002.01.01


Effect of lip shape on the hole flangeability of high strength steel sheets is investigated. Circular plates of various hole sizes are tested and the variation of lip length as well as the variation of thickness on the sectional views of the finished lip were studied. The conventional hole flanging process is limited to a certain limit hole diameter below which failure will ensue during the hole expansion. The intention of this work is to examine the effect of lip shape on the flangeability of TRIP steel and Ferrite-Bainite duplex steel and find out major parameters which can affect flanging shape of high strength hot rolled steels. Over the ranges of conditions investigated, the minimum hole diameter of F+B steel is better than TRIP steel. while, the lip-shape accuracy of TRIP steel is better than that of F+B steel. although the tensile strength and elongation of %P steel are superior than those of Ferrite-Bainite duplex steel, the flangeability is found to be not so strongly sensitive to the tensile properties but sensitive to displacement on the circumferential direction of hole edge.


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