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Tensile Behavior Characteristics of CANDU Pressure Tube Material Degraded by Neutron Irradiations

  • 발행 : 2002.01.01


To investigate the degradation of mechanical properties induced mainly by neutron irradiation, the tensile tests were conducted from room temperature to 300\\`c using the irradiated and the unirradiated Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube materials. The irradiated longitudinal and transverse specimens were collected from the coolant inlet, middle, and outlet parts of M-11 tube which had been operated in Wolsung CANDU Unit-1 and exposed to different operating temperatures and irradiation fluences. The different tensile behavior was characterized not by the fluences of irradiation but by the tensile loading direction. The transverse specimen showed the higher strength and lower elongation than those of the longitudinal one. It was believed that these phenomena resulted from the microstructure anisotropy caused by the extrusion process. The increased strength hardening and decreased elongation embrittlement of the irradiated material were compard to those of the unirradiated one. While the tensile strength of the inlet was higher than that of the outlet, the elongation of the inlet was lower than that of outlet. Considering the operation condition, it was proposed that the operating temperature could be a more effective parameter than the irradiation fluence for long-time life. Through the TEM observation, it was found that while the a-type dislocation density was increased, the c-type dislocation was not changed in the irradiated. The fact that the higher dislocation density was sequentially distributed over the inlet, the middle, and the outlet parts was consistent with the distribution of the tensile strength.


핫셀;조사;비조사;중성자;압력 관;조사경화 및 취화


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