Control of Robot Manipulators Using Chattering-Free Sliding Mode

채터링 없는 슬라이딩 모드를 이용한 로봇 매니퓰레이터의 제어

  • Published : 2002.02.01


A new chattering free sliding made control is proposed for robot manipulators. The control input is derived from the reaching law and the Lyapunov stability criteria, which is only composed of continuous terms. It has a chattering free characteristics and a concise farm. In implementing procedures, no change of equations is needed. Thus, it does not degrade the original merits of the sliding mode control. And it is applied to a 2-link SCARA robot manipulator. It is shown that the proposed control has good trajectory tracking performance compared with the PD control and the conventional sliding mode control which uses the boundary layer concept.


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