Variation of Cone Crack Shape in Ceramic Materials According to Spherical Impact Velocity

입자충격속도에 따른 세라믹재료의 콘크랙 형상 변화

  • Published : 2002.02.01


Damage behaviors induced in silicon carbide by an impact of particle having different material and size were investigated. Especially, the influence of the impact velocity of particle on the cone crack shape developed was mainly discussed. The damage induced by spherical impact was different depending on the material and size of particles. Ring cracks on the surface of specimen were multiplied by increasing the impact velocity of particle. The steel particle impact produced larger ring cracks than that of SiC particle. In the case of high velocity impact of SiC particle, radial cracks were produced due to the inelastic deformation at the impact site. In the case of the larger particle impact, the damage morphology developed was similar to the case of smaller particle one, but a percussion cone was farmed from the back surface of specimen when the impact velocity exceeded a critical value. The zenithal angle of cone cracks developed into SiC material decreased monotonically with increasing of the particle impact velocity. The size and material of particle influenced more or less on the extent of cone crack shape. An empirical equation, $\theta$= $\theta$$\sub$st/, v$\sub$p/(90-$\theta$$\sub$st/)/500 R$\^$0.3/($\rho$$_1$/$\rho$$_2$)$\^$$\frac{1}{2}$/, was obtained as a function of impact velocity of the particle, based on the quasi-static zenithal angle of cone crack. It is expected that the empirical equation will be helpful to the computational simulation of residual strength in ceramic components damaged by the particle impact.


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