Pressure Control of a Piezoactuator-Driven Pneumatic Valve System

압전 작동기로 구동 되는 공압 밸브의 압력제어

  • Published : 2002.02.01


This paper proposes a new type of piezoactuator-driven valve system. The piezoceramic actuator bonded to both sides of a flexible beam surface makes a movement required to control the pressure at the flapper-nozzle of a pneumatic valve system. After establishing a dynamic model, an appropriate size of the valve system is designed and manufactured. Subsequently, a robust H$_{\infty}$ control algorithm is formulated in order to achieve accurate tracking control of the desired pressure. The controller is experimentally realized and control performance for the sinusoidal pressure trajectory is presented in time domain. The control bandwidth of the valve system, which directly represents the fastness, is also evaluated in the frequency domain.


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