Starting Characteristic Analysis of a Slotless type Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor using 3-D Space Harmonic Method

3차원 공간고조파법을 이용한 슬롯리스형 영구자석 선형 동기 전동기의 기동특성 해석

  • Published : 2002.07.01


This paper deals with dynamic analysis method of a slotless type permanent magnet linear synchronous motor(PMLSM) using 3-dimensional space harmonic method. The results are good agreement with FEA results because that slotless type PMLSM has simple structure and no saturation of core. And then, Under open-loop control, starting characteristic is analyzed by voltage equation combining with dynamic equation. In order to obtain more accuracy results, this paper use instantaneous back-EMF and thrust instead of back-EMF constant and thrust constant.


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