A Tunnel Blasting Method Favorable to the Environment, which Utilizes Pre-splitting & an Upper Center Cut.

선균열과 상부 심빼기를 이용한 환경 친화적 터널발파공법

  • Published : 2002.06.01


The cut is placed high up in the section, the 1st sloping holes below the cut, and divided all the holes located below the 1st sloping holes into a certain area with longitudinal section, to lower pollution made from tunnel blasting. With the sequential blasting machine, after I first blasted holes around the cut holes by a pre-splitting method, blasted the cut area and the 1st sloping holes. The 1st and 2nd sloping holes divided areas are initiated gradually to free face upwards made by the cut. Especially, I pre-splinted contour holes previous blast the before sloping holes from the contours. The ground vibration from the earth surface just over the advance face decreased about 42.0% compare with the down blasting method under the condition of equal charge weight per delay. I controlled the crack and over break of the mother rock by pre-splitting contour holes before blast the first sloping holes from the contours. The peak values of noise and air blast by blasting decreased about 10dB more than the down blasting method. the noise and air blast diminished gradually as a round. The throw distance of the fly rock was decreased about 55%.