The Possible Utilization of Animal Excrements

가축분뇨 자원화를 위한 이용실태 분석

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  • Published : 2002.06.01


Regarding the dangers to soil, water and air, which come from current agricultural application measures for nitrogen, a sectoral approach for a non-polluting liquid manure utilization cannot be used any longer. Slurry was not any longer considered as a tiresome waste produced of animal husbandry, but as a valuable fertilizer. The goal of the largest possible utilization of slurry on the farm was and still is in the foreground, An Integrated system approach has to be found. leading to a drastic improvement of nutrient utilization and hence to a considerably reduced nutrient use. This can only be expected, if the organic manure can be applicated at times, when losses through leaching and volatilization can be minimized. The necessary investments for such concepts can clearly be reduced through cooperation.