Evaluation of Planar Failure Probability for Rock Slope Based on Random Properties of Discontinuities

불연속면의 확률특성을 고려한 암반사면의 평면파괴확률 산정

  • 배규진 (한국건설기술연구원 토목연구부) ;
  • 박혁진 (시설안전기술공단)
  • Published : 2002.04.01


Random properties of discontinuities were attributed to the limitation of test methods and lack of obtained data. Therefore, the uncertainties are pervasive and inevitable in rock slope engineering as well as other geotechnical engineering fields. The probabilistic analysis has been proposed to deal properly with the uncertainty. However, previous probabilistic approaches do not take account of the condition of kinematic instability but consider only kinetic instability. In this study, in order to overcome the limitation of the previous studies, the geometric characteristics as well as the shear strength characteristics in discontinuities are taken account into the probabilistic analysis. Then, the new approach to evaluate the probability of failure is suggested. The results of the deterministic analysis which was carried out to compare with the result of the probabilistic analysis, are somewhat different from those of the probabilistic approach. This is because the selected and used data in the deterministic approach do not take account of the random properties of discontinuities.


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