Shift Pattern Fuzzy Control of Automatic Transmission for Ride Quality Improvement

승차감 향상을 위한 자동변속기의 퍼지제어

  • Published : 2002.05.01


In general, jerk phenomenon appeared because of gear changing, when a vehicle starts off or climbs an incline. Therefore, it makes ride quality worse. In this paper, an optimal pattern of automatic transmission was designed using fuzzy logic in order to improve ride quality. After del eloping fuzzy rule for shift pattern control of automatic transmission, dynamic characteristics (i.e. acceleration, velocity, distance and so on) were simulated using dynamic model of a car. To do this he powertrain model of a vehicle with automatic transmission including torque converter, gear box, and final gear drive - from engine to tire - is developed.


Automatic Transmission;Fuzzy Control;Powertrain


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