Design Evaluation of WEDM Based on Deformation Analyses and Axiomatic Design

변형해석 및 공리적 설계에 의한 와이어 방전가공기의 설계평가

  • Published : 2002.05.01


Recent industrial requirements for highly precise shape processing have brought the electric discharge machining (EDM) in great need. High precision in EDM is primarily achieved by high performance controllers. However there exists inherent precision loss due to structural micro-deformation. On this background, we study structural deformation characteristics of wire cut EDM via finite element (FE) analysis and axiomatic design. Two different wire cut EDMs are selected as analysis models. 3D CAD package I-Deas is first used to construct FE models of wire cut EDMs, and then ABAQUS FE code is used for following structural analysis. Pertinency of FE mesh refinement is discussed in terms of η -factor. It is shown that performance accuracy of EDM depends strongly on the structural characteristics. Some design enhancements are suggested in an axiomatic design point of view. Finally we provide weight and temperature induced displacement discrepancies between wire end points as position functions of each subframe.


Wire Cut EDM;Design Evaluation;Finite Element Method;η-factor;Performance Accuracy;Axiomatic Design


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