A Model for diagnosing Students′Misconception using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Fuzzy Associative Memory

퍼지 인지 맵과 퍼지 연상 메모리를 이용한 오인진단 모델

  • 신영숙 (공주대학교 과학교육연구소)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


This paper presents a model for diagnosing students'learning misconceptions in the domain of heat and temperature using fuzzy cognitive maps(FCM) and fuzzy associative memory(FAM). In a model for diagnosing learning misconceptions. an FCM can represent with cause and effect between preconceptions and misconceptions that students have about scientific phenomenon. An FAM which represents a neurallike memory for memorizing causal relationships is used to diagnose causes of misconceptions in learning. This study will present a new method for more autonomous and intelligent system than a model to diagnose misconceptions that was being done with classical methods in learning and may contribute as an intelligent tutoring system for learning diagnosis within various educational contexts.


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