Production of Biosurfactant Using Bacillus spp

Bacillus spp.를 이용한 Biosurfactant 생산공정

  • Published : 2002.06.01


Among the bacterial strains isolated from chungkook-jang, Bacillus subtilis CH-1, Bacills circulans K-1 and Bacillus subtitis (natto) N-1, Bacillus subtitis CH-1 showed the highest productivity of biosufactant. A-medium was selected for the basal medium in the large scale production of biosurfactant, and modified to synthetic medium which containing 2% glucose, 0.3% soy peptone, and mineral salts. The surface tension was reduced to maximal value after 96 hr after fermentation, about the 43% of initial tension. Temperature and initial pH of medium was not critical factor for the biosurfactant production. The yield of crude biosurfactant was 6 g/L under the optimum condition.


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