Characteristics of Power Efficiency of Tractor Driveline

트랙터 전동라인의 전동효율 특성 분석

  • Published : 2002.02.01


According to the field test, the transient power transmission efficiency of a tractor driveline fluctuated in a range of 56 to 86% and the mean value was about 72.5%. Therefore, the constant efficiency model commonly used for a simulation of power performance was not proper far predicting such a variable of efficiency. In order to predict power efficiency more accurately, new concepts of the maximum efficiency and drag torque were introduced and a new model based on the these concepts was proposed. The difference between measured and model-predicted efficiencies was about 1.5% in average with a standard deviation of 1.1%. The new power efficiency model was expected to enhance the accuracy of predicting power transmission efficiencies of tractor drivelines.


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