An Experiment on Heat Dissipation from Aluminum foam Heat Sinks in an Air Multi-Jet Impingement

다중 충돌 공기제트에서 발포 알루미늄 방열기의 방열 특성 실험

  • Published : 2002.08.01


The present experiment investigates the effects of pore density f of aluminum foam heat sinks, the jet-to-jet spacing X and the nozzle plate-to-target surface spacing H of 3$\times$3 square impinging arrays on the averaged Nusselt number. The performance of the aluminum foam heat sinks and the rectangular plate heat sink is evaluated in terms of the enhancement factor. /equation omitted/. The multiple impinging jet with X/d=4.0 displays higher Nusselt numbers than single impinging jet for 12.0$\leq$H/d$\leq$20.0. With the variation of the jet-to-jet spacing, the aluminum foam heat sink of 10 PPI show higher Nusselt numbers than the 20 and 40 PPI aluminum foam heat sinks. Further, the 10 PPI aluminum foam heat sink demonstrates 26% higher enhancement factor than the rectangular plate heat sink in the range of 7000$\leq$Re$\leq$11000.


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