Study on the Measurements of Flow Field around Cambered Otter Board Using Particle Image Velocimetry

PIV를 이용한 만곡형 전개판의 유동장 계측에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.02.01


This paper introduces an analysis method to predicting the flow characteristic of flow field around otter board In order to develope a high performance model. In this experiment, it is used a numerical analysis of flow field through CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamic), PIV method in which quantitative, qualitative evaluation is possible. In this experiment, it is used PIV method with flow filed image around otter board in order to analysis of flow characteristic. The result compared flow pattern with analysis result through CFD and also measurement result of lift and drag force coefficient carried out in CWC(Circulating Water Channel). The numerical analysis result is matched well with experiment result of PIV in the research and it is able to verify In the physical aspect. The result is as follows ; (1) It was carried out visibility experiment using laser light sheet, and picture analysis through PIV method in order to analysis fluid field of otter-board. As a result, the tendency of qualitative fluid movement only through the fluid particle's flow could be known. (2) Since PIV analysis result is quantitative, this can be seen in velocity vector distributions, instantaneous streamline contour, and average vorticity distributions through various post processing method. As a result, the change of flow field could be confirmed. (3) At angle of attack 24$^{\circ}$ where It Is shown maximum spreading force coefficient, the analysis result of CFD and PIV had very similar flow pattern. In both case, at the otter-board post edge a little boundary layer separation was seen, but, generally they had a good flow (4) As the result of post processing with velocity vector distributions, instantaneous streamline contour and average vorticity distributions by PIV, boundary layer separation phenomenon started to happen from angle of attack 24$^{\circ}$, and from over angle of attack 28$^{\circ}$, it happen at leading edge side with the width enlarged.



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