Changes in Quality Characteristics of Cherry Tomato Packaged with Different Films

포장 조건에 따른 방울토마토의 저장 중 품질 특성 변화

  • Published : 2002.06.01


Cherry tomato was packed with several plastic films, and investigated the quality characteristics such as gas composition, weight loss, microbial load, soluble solid content, total acidity during storage at 12$\^{C}$. Cast polypropylene(CPP), low density polyethylene(LDPE), polyolefin(MPD, PD961) and perforated polyolefin(PY85) were used as packaging film. Oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration inside packages generally showed a stabilized levels after 10 days, but those of CPP and PD961 changed throughout the storage. Weight loss of PY85 was 25.6 % after 20 days, while others maintained around 1.0%. Total microbial count showed a increase pattern similar to yeast and mold, and CPP maintained the highest microbial load after 10 days. MPD retarded the decay of cherry tomato to 5.3%, while others showed above 20% after 20 days.


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